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Sussex Flea Market / grand marché aux puces

The Maritimes' LARGEST outdoor flea market!


Sussex Flea Market
Aug. 18 to 20, 2017
Princess Louise Park,
Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Organized by the NB Antique Auto Club
Event organizers : Email

Friday & Saturday     8 am - 8 pm

      Sunday        8 am - 3 pm
Show and Shine   9 am - 3 pm

Admission is just $5 per day!
(Children 12 years and younger are free when with an adult)
* * * *
 Would you like to be a vendor at the Sussex Flea Market?
ALL vendor booths must be booked through the NB Antique Auto Club

A 30-foot by 20-foot space ( 9 metres by 6 metres) is $40, HST included.

Due to changes to the host park site, 100 vendor spots are being lost. Vendors affected by these changes will have priority in getting other places around the site. New vendors will be given spots as they become available. Notice of available spots will be posted on the NBAAC web site at the end of June.

Vendor contact: Brenda Sullivan, (506) 650-6520 between 9 am and 5 pm  
An alternate vendor option is the Sussex Place Indoor Market, just a quick 10 minute walk away from the main market. Details are available here:

Town of Sussex office    (506) 432-4540
Weather Webcam


PLUS! Click here for Google map of Sussex area landmarks

NB SPCA Trousse de Rover Kit (Animal venues and info in Atlantic Canada)

Your local guide to the Sussex Flea Market!
On the third weekend of August, the town of Sussex welcomes nearly 20,000 bargain hunters for three days of shopping fun. Whether you're searching for a rare auto part or simply spending a leisurely hour browsing for treasure, it's a summer extravaganza you need to experience for yourself.
Up to 900 vendors and 1,000 tables of bargains are packed into Princess Louise Park in the centre of town as part of Canada's largest outdoor flea market. Specialty vehicle parts and household goods, collectables and handicrafts are all available during one of the most fun weekends of the year.
Before you get here
Before you leave home
You're headed to the Town of Sussex, in south central New Brunswick, Canada. We are in the centre of the triangle between the cities of Moncton, Saint John and the New Brunswick capital of Fredericton, and roughly an hour's drive away from each.
From the west, take the TransCanada Highway to Youngs Cove and Highway Exit 365 before following Route 10 for 48 km to Sussex.
From the east, you have two solid options. 
1. Either follow the TransCanada Highway to Youngs Cove and Highway Exit 365 and turn on to Route 10.
2. Follow Route 1, and take either Highway Exit 198 (Sussex Corner) or 195 (Four Corners -- look for the red Frenchy's building or the big black and white cows) into town.
From Maine, US, cross into Canada at St. Stephen/Calais before following Highway 1 (MacKay Highway) two hours or 184 km to Sussex at Highway Exit 192.
You may also wish to cross at Houlton, Me./Woodstock, NB and travel east on the TransCanada Highway for approx. 2 hours. Then turn on to Route 10 at Highway Exit 365 for a further 48 km or half hour.
GPS users: The flea market is at 8 Leonard Drive (Princess Louise Park), Sussex, NB  E4E 5S1
Check road conditions in New Brunswick by calling 5-1-1 and entering the route number.



Also, NO PETS are allowed on the grounds. 

Bring your self-supporting camper if you hope to be one of the lucky ones to get a parking/camping spot close to the flea market. Camping spots with no services are available on two sites bordering Princess Louise Park (Sussex Armouries (field) and along Eveleigh Street (grass and dirt)), within easy walking distance of the flea market. A third gravel site on Marble Street (10 minute walk) is also nearby and best suited to those who can walk easily. These coveted spots fill up VERY quickly, with the proceeds going to support local charities. Rates for the Eveleigh Street parking were $20 for the weekend in 2014. The many campgrounds on the outskirts of town are more than pleased to welcome RVs, camp trailers and tenters alike.

In times of trouble
If a family member must reach you at the flea market in case of an emergency, the Sussex RCMP may be reached at (506) 433-7700 during office hours.

In case of accidents, fire or other emergencies while visiting New Brunswick, call 9-1-1.
Check road conditions in New Brunswick by calling 5-1-1 and entering the route number.
Lost and found items   Check with organizers at the Seniors Centre in the centre of the park. That's the tan building with the porch. Many found items are turned in here.
The Saint John Ambulance runs a first aid post from its hall at the corner of Perry Street and Leonard Drive , and the Sussex Health Centre is just 3/4 km away from the event.
Before you head out the door
Take an inventory of any collections you already have. This weekend is one of the best chances to add to your stash. Gentlemen, you will enjoy browsing a wide range of sports cards, military badges or medals, sports collectibles and other items. Antique car parts make up roughly one third of the event. Ladies, this is your weekend for pottery, jewelry, books, furniture and that unique item you want for your kitchen or living room. Note which ones you would like to find on flea market weekend.
Furniture buyers would do well to do the same thing. Measure the space of where you would like the piece to go, and note the colour and design you would like. Flexibility is key when flea marketing. Sometimes you come across the unexpected that might be even better than what you had had in mind. Note where you can bend on colour, style, age and material and where you'd rather not.
Use your cell phone camera to snap photos of what items you already have or where you would like a new piece of furniture to go in your home. Can you bring along paint or fabric swatches to compare? Few things are more frustrating than finding a perfect deal and not knowing if it will fit in with what you have planned!
Antiques are a popular feature of the flea market, and knowing where you will display your newest addition only adds to the fun of the day. (You'll find a cluster of antique vendors near Eveleigh Street.)
For the comfort and safety of both shoppers and pets, please leave your pets at home. The public is allowed to bring ONLY service dogs on to the venue grounds.
The footing in Princess Louise Park is mostly dirt, grass and gravel. Bring wagons, children's strollers or wheelchairs with wider tires to make navigating the occasionally uneven ground easier. Town crews do a great job maintaining the site, yet the impact of thousands of feet and vehicles can create rough going in places over the three days.


For the physically challenged

Visitors who use motorized wheelchairs or scooters may wish to park in the paved lot at Mrs. Dunster's store at the corner of Leonard Drive and Eveleigh Street. A limited number of spots are available here and they fill very quickly. A few are also available in front of the sports centre.  A good second choice is the Sussex High School, also on Leonard Drive, which has a large paved parking lot a 10-minute walk from the flea market venue. Your third choice might be O'Connell Park, on the corner of Leonard Drive and Main Street, with its flat gravel parking.
The public is allowed to bring ONLY service dogs on to the venue grounds.
Traveling here
The fastest way to reach Princess Louise Park is from either Highway Exit 195 / Smiths Creek (Four Corners -- look for the red Frenchy's building or the big Holstein cows) or Exit 198 (Sussex Corner/St Martins).  
Visitor information centres
* Youngs Cove (Highway Exit 365, junction of TransCanada Highway and Highway 10)  Tel: (506) 362-2632
* Sussex Train Station, 66 Broad St, downtown Sussex. (506) 433-6602   Open 9 am to 8 pm
There is plenty of convenient off-street parking on three sides of Princess Louise Park, just five to 15 minutes' walk away.
This means you can quickly get down to bargain hunting after you arrive. And you will find it easy to stash your loot and get back to shopping again and again! However, these lots fill very quickly, so you're strongly encouraged to both arrive early and carpool where possible.
Some parking lots are operated as fundraisers for Sussex area non-profit groups (average rate $5 per day for both passenger vehicles and campers.)  Others are available free of charge. Shoppers willing to walk a short distance more can find free parking at the Sussex Mall and downtown. There are several entrance points to the park. Note which gate you use when you arrive to make finding your vehicle easier.
If you're hoping to make a weekend of it, the Sussex area has a variety of accommodation options, with motels and campgrounds just minutes from the flea market. You're strongly urged to book your room or camping spaces early, even up to a year in advance, to ensure your spot.
Adair's Wilderness Lodge, Waterford  (506) 432-6687
All Seasons Motel and Restaurant, 1015 Main St, Sussex  (506) 433-2220
Amsterdam Inns, 143 Main St, Sussex  (506) 432-5050
Covered Bridge Inn, 818 Main St, Sussex  (506) 433-1085
Fairway Inn, Roachville  (506) 433-3470
Jonah Place Bed and Breakfast Inn, 977 Main St, Sussex  (506) 433-6978
Maple Shade Bed and Breakfast, 43 Church Ave, Sussex  (506) 433-8300
Timberland Motor Inn and Restaurant, Penobsquis  (506) 433-2480
All Done CampingSmith Creek area  (506) 869-0547
Lone Pine Park Campgrounds and Cabins  45 Lone Pine Rd, Penobsquis  (506) 433-4007
Pine Cone Camping, Rte. 114, Sussex  (506) 433-4389
Three Bears Family Camping, 12049 Rte 114, Penobsquis  (506) 433-2870
Town and Country Campark, 133 Aiton Rd, Sussex  (506) 432-9114
New to the flea market?
The essentials:
1. sunscreen 
2. your water bottle / snack (many vendors sell drinks, too)
3. broad brimmed hat
4. a good pair of walking shoes
5. small currency (one-dollar coins to $10 bills,  credit cards and debit cards not widely available at the event
1. shopping or tote bags
2. knapsack or wagon with bungee cords
3. notepad and pencil
4. measuring tape
5. cell phone
6. umbrella / rain gear
7. folding chair as outdoor seating is very limited
8. business cards with your contact info to share with vendors of items you may want to buy from later.
Blankets and rope are also a good idea if you are shopping for furniture or other large, easily damaged items.
Note: Weather conditions on Flea Market weekend can range from blazing hot temperatures in the 30s to rain that turns the grounds into a muddy mess. Serious bargain hounds are urged to come prepared for either. Check the weather in Sussex here to be best prepared when you arrive.

Finding specific vendors. The grounds are laid out in a grid with alphabetical and numerical points. If you have the number of the vendor you want (ie. D12), this makes it easier to locate him or her.
Bring lots of small currency. Loonies, toonies, fives and ten-dollar bills are best. This makes it easier for bargaining as vendors don't have to make change. You will find branches of RBC (Royal Bank), Scotiabank, Toronto Dominion Bank, and the Bank of Montreal downtown, just five minutes from the flea market grounds.
U.S. shoppers, check your currency exchange rate.
Most sales are final, so be sure of the size, colour and design of any items you are specifically shopping for. Carrying a list of measurements for the spot you want to put a new table or the size of the door you will be carrying your finds through will save you from being disappointed later. Bring photographs of existing items you want to match.
If you're planning to cover a large block of the sale, you may wish to start at the point farthest from where you parked. That way, you can work back towards your vehicle, meaning a shorter walk when you are tired and loaded down with your finds. This also allows you to quickly scan booths for items you may want to get right away. Allow a full afternoon to see most of the booths.
Carpool where possible when visiting with a group. Also, be sure to arrange a meeting place and time should you get separated. The town quadruples in size on Flea Market weekend, and it's easy to lose your friends in the crowd. Agreeing to meet at the Eighth Hussars sports centre entrance at 4 pm, for instance, can save a lot of worry on all sides.
The Sussex Seniors Centre, (the beige building with the porch in the middle of Princess Louise Park), is the main information centre of the event. There is often a tall inflated dancing figure nearby to help you find the centre, too. Check in here about lost or found items or missing members of your party.

If a family member is trying to reach you in case of an emergency, the Sussex RCMP may be reached at (506) 433-7700.

In case of accidents, fire or other emergencies, call 9-1-1.
Lost and found items   Should you lose an item during the flea market, check with organizers at the Sussex Seniors Centre. That's the tan building with the porch in the centre of the park. Many items are turned in here when they are found.


Making the most of your visit
Knapsacks, wagons or hand buggies are popular carriers with shoppers, as neither motorized vehicles nor bicycles are allowed on the flea market grounds.
Bringing a folding chair or other seating is a good idea as public seating is very limited outdoors.
One aisle in the centre of the park (beside Perry Street) is dedicated to canteen services.  Other food service booths can be found along Eveleigh Avenue. Several vendors offer cold soft drinks or bottled water. When you are ready for a more substantial meal, there are several good family restaurants within a 10-minute walk of the park.
Seniors, families with young children and those with mobility challenges will find the 8th Hussars Sports Centre the easiest to navigate.
Family-friendly washrooms and bleacher seating make it easy to take a break, and the more than 30 inside booths feature plenty of crafts and antiques. The gravel area surrounding the sports centre also provides lots of browsing for those who use a walker.
There are rest stops with limited seating around the sale grounds. Portable washrooms are liberally scattered around the site.
If you bring young children, bring all the supplies you need. You will find the most family-friendly washrooms inside the Eighth Hussars Sports Centre.
Burton Park, between Main Street and the sports centre, provides plenty of shaded, quiet spots when you and your children want to relax. The O'Connell Park playground (with a splash pad), at the corner of Leonard Drive and Main Street, is another favourite spot for families to unwind.
Visitors with mobility challenges will find the more than 60 sale booths in the Eighth Hussars Sports Centre, Golden Jubillee Hall and in the gravel parking lot between the two buildings the easiest to access. While few special parking spaces are set aside for seniors or the disabled, parking lot operators will often do their best to accommodate your needs. Public parking is not permitted at the sports centre that weekend. Also, no bicycles are allowed on the grounds. Paved parking at Mrs. Dunster's Donuts (corner of Eveleigh Avenue and Leonard Drive) or the Sussex Armoury (Leonard Drive, opposite the main Princess Louise Park entrance) are good choices, with easy access to sidewalks. Sussex High School, a further ten-minute walk away along Leonard Drive, is another solid option.
The Seniors Centre, (the beige building with the porch in the middle of Princess Louise Park), is the main information centre of the event. Check in there about lost or found items or missing members of your party. They can also help arrange to move any large items you may purchase over the weekend to your vehicle for a small charge.
If you prefer your bargain hunting on a smaller scale, several local residents hold their own yard sales that weekend. Keep an eye for notices directing you to sales around the communities. It's a winning combination of bargains and beautiful scenery that will make your visit even more enjoyable.
Thank you for being part of the Sussex Flea Market, and we look forward to seeing you again next summer!
You also don't want to miss the Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta in Sussex (Sept 10 to 12, 2016), always the weekend after Labour Day!
* *
There are plenty of other fun things to do in Sussex after you have finished shopping for the day. Take in a movie at the Sussex Drive-In, or view our 26 murals in our stunning outdoor art gallery. You may also want to explore the 16 covered bridges in Kings County, eight of which are within a 15-minute drive of town.


* *
Participating in the flea market
The next Sussex Flea Market is Aug. 18 to 20, 2017.
Can't make it to this year's sale? The following event happens Aug. 17 to 19, 2018. Vendors wishing to book a booth are asked to contact the NBAAC. Spots fill quickly, with the event sold out by January.
Due to changes to the host park site, 100 vendor spots are being lost. Vendors affected by these changes will have priority in getting other places around the site. New vendors will be given spots as they become available. Notice of any available spots will be posted on the NBAAC web page at the end of June.

Vendor contact: Brenda Sullivan, (506) 650-6520 between 9 am and 5 pm  

The cost of a 30-foot by 20-foot space ( 9 metres by 6 metres) is $40, HST included.
Please confirm with the market organizers you have the necessary paperwork complete by the first week of August. Organizers are very busy in the final days leading up to the event, and it can be incredibly difficult to reach the appropriate person to finalize details after that.

* *
Have a question about the Sussex Flea Market not answered here? Email Celebrate Sussex and we will try and help!
General questions about the event may also be directed to the Town of Sussex at 432-4540.