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Celebrate Sussex / Celebrez le Sussex

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Sussex is Atlantic Canada's Mural Capital!
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Atlantic International Balloon Fiesta Guide

Sept 11 to 13, 2009
Event web site:


Twice daily balloon launches
at 6:30 am and 6 pm, weather permitting
During the day, visit our famous craft fair and enjoy some of the best live music in the region!
* * * *


Featuring twice-daily hot air balloon launches as weather allows!
The colours of a New Brunswick autumn are rivaled by the 30 hot air balloons that take to the skies over Sussex on the weekend following Labour Day. You're invited to join in this international celebration of gliding over some of Canada's most picturesque countryside.
Loads of convenient off-street parking surrounds Princess Louise Park, just a five to 15-minute walk away from the centre of activities. Some parking lots are operated as fundraisers for Sussex area non-profit groups, while others are available free of charge. Admission to most fiesta events is absolutely free!
Click here for an easy-to-use map of the Town of Sussex and surrounding area.
The fastest way to reach Princess Louise Park is from either Highway Exit 195 (Four Corners) or Exit 198 (Sussex Corner).
Visitor information centres are located at the Four Corners (Highway Exit 195), and at the Sussex Train Station on Broad Street.
The park footing is mostly over dirt, grass and gravel. Wider tires on wagons, children's strollers or wheelchairs will make navigating the occasionally uneven ground easier. 
For the comfort and safety of both visitors and pets, please leave your pets at home.
Sussex has a variety of accommodation options, with motels and campgrounds just minutes from the events. Visitors are strongly urged to book their spaces early to ensure their spot.
The essentials: sunscreen, your water bottle, hat, and a good pair of walking shoes. A sweater for the early morning launches and a lawn chair are also good ideas.
Carpool where possible when visiting with a group. And be sure to arrange a meeting place and time should you get separated. The town quadruples in size that weekend, and it's easy to lose your friends in the crowd. Agreeing to meet at the sports centre entrance at 4 pm, for instance, can save a lot of worry on all sides!
Whether you are joining us for an afternoon or making a weekend of it, be sure to dress comfortably. Good walking shoes and a lawn chair are highly advised. The hot air balloons usually launch at 7 am and 6 pm, but times can vary considerably as weather dictates. Hot air balloons require nearly perfectly still air conditions to launch safely. While our valley provides near idea conditions for flying, Mother Nature has a large say in whether the balloons go up on a particular day. Dress warmly if you attend the morning launches.
While many balloon launches take place from Princess Louise Park, prevailing winds will sometimes prompt the pilots to start from a neighbouring property. Event organizers post regular updates on the location of these launches, so check in before heading out.
Knapsacks, wagons or hand buggies are popular carriers with visitors, as neither motorized vehicles nor bicycles are allowed on the grounds.
Seniors, families with young children, and those with mobility challenges will find the 8th Hussars Sports Centre to be the easiest to navigate. Family-friendly washrooms and bleacher seating make it easy to take a break while enjoying the high-quality goods available at our famous craft fair!
Parents of young children are advised to bring all needed supplies, with the most family-friendly washrooms found inside the 8th Hussars Sports Centre. Burton Park, between Main Street and the sports centre, provides plenty of shaded, quiet spots when you and your children want to relax. A playground on the opposite side of Main Street, next to the outdoor pool in O'Connell Park, is another favourite spot for families to unwind.
Visitors with mobility challenges will find the 8th Hussars Sports Centre, Golden Jubillee Hall and in the gravel parking lot between the two buildings the easiest to access. While few special spaces are set aside for seniors or the disabled, parking lot operators will often do their best to accommodate your needs. Public parking is not permitted at the sports centre that weekend. Paved parking at Mrs. Dunster's Donuts (corner of Eveleigh Avenue and Leonard Drive) or the Sussex Armoury (Leonard Drive, opposite the main Princess Louise Park entrance) are good choices, with easy access to sidewalks. Sussex High School, a further five-minute walk away along Leonard Drive, is another solid option.
* *
There are plenty of other fun things to do in Sussex after you have finished shopping for the day. Take in a movie at the Sussex Drive-In, view our 26 murals in our stunning outdoor art gallery or explore the 16 covered bridges in Kings County, eight of which are within a 15 minute drive of town.

Sussex, where the accent is on success!